The future of science: scientific archives and new research

The future of science: scientific archives and new research

Coorganisers : Ghislaine Glasson-Deschaumes (MSH Mondes) and Monica Heintz (University of Paris Nanterre)

The testimonial value of scientific archives cannot be denied: archives help historians and particularly historians of science retrace science’s history, its place in society, past and future. But what other direct value could be assigned to old scientific archives? Could scientific archives be used for producing new scientific results, either in their discipline or in another? Could they be used for informing new artistic or societal work or bring about technological innovations? This conference aims to consider examples of reuses of scientific material for producing new results.

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WEDNESDAY 29TH OF NOVEMBER, building Max Weber Amphitheater, ground floor

10:00 Welcome and introduction— Ghislaine Glasson-Deschaumes (director MSH Mondes) and Monica Heintz (codirector EDUC Nanterre)

10:20-11:20 Panel 1: Reuses of anthropological archives

10:20 Victor Stoichita (CNRS/ Univ Paris Nanterre) — Various ways of listening to an ethnomusicology archive

10:50 Monica Heintz (Univ Paris Nanterre) — Potential reuses of the scientific archives of the Dakar Djibouti expedition 1931-33 in a global open data environment

11:20- 11:40 Coffee break

11:40-13:00 Panel 2: Reuses of naturalistic archives

Hari Sridhar (KLI, Vienna) —An Elephant in the Room? The place of science and scientists in conservation decision-making in India

Thomas Drouin (Univ Paris Nanterre) — When an 18th-century herbarium and palm-leaf manuscripts meet, what are they talking about?

13-14 LUNCH

14:00-15:20 Panel 3: Reuses of media archives

Akos Gocsal (Univ of Pecs) — Media Archives in Present-day Research: The Case of the Hungarian Newsreel Archive used in Linguistic Studies

Pascal Vallet (Univ Paris Nanterre) — Pasam, a tool for exploring film corpora

15:20-15:40 Coffee break

15:35-17:00 Panel 4: Reuses of ‘outdated’ archives

Roland Schmuck (Univ of Pecs) — Reusing previous scientific results by redeveloping technologically outdated business simulation games

Marco F. Lutzu (Univ of Cagliari) (online) — New proposals for audiovisual archives in ethnomusicology from the


THURSDAY 30TH OF NOVEMBER, building Ginouvès, salle de Conseil, 4th floor

10-11:20 Panel 5: Reuses of SSH scientific archives (archeology)

Alfonso Ramírez Galicia (Univ Paris Nanterre) Re-using the excavation archives of Pincevent (France): Contributions to current research in archaeology and the history of sciences

Caroline Carrier (Evry University) and Ludovic Trommenschlager (BNF, Paris) - The renewal of antic numismatics in the digital era

11:20-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-13:00 Panel 6: Reuses of human rights archives

Murtaza Mohiqi (USN) and Marzie Moheqqi (independent HR researcher) — Archival Narratives in the Digital Age: Bridging Human Rights Advocacy, Memory Preservation, and Technological Innovation

Pascale Laborier (Univ Paris Nanterre) — Archiving and Deep Mapping on High skilled Migration in the Digital Age: Bridging Knowledge and Avocating for Scholars at Risk

13-14:00 LUNCH

14:00-15:40 Panel 7 : Reuses of academic archives

Marta Erdos (Univ of Pecs) — Explorations on academic identity in the 21st century

Francesca Pinna (U. of Cagliari) – Today records’ management for tomorrow’s scientific research: the university archives

15:40- 16:00 Coffee break

16:00-17:00 Final discussion